Indigenous Pygmies

Partially completed while assignment for National Geographic, the Mbuti are one of many pygmy groups indigenous to the Democratic Republic of Congo. Between 30,000 and 40,000 members of the group live in the Ituri Rainforest, in northeast DRC. The Mbuti consider the forest a living entity: they refer to it as the providing “mother” or “father” and in times of crisis, will sing songs to it. A hunter-gatherer people, the entire community participates in obtaining food. Though only men wield bows and arrows, women and children play a crucial role when net-hunting by herding prey toward the nets. Women and children do much of the gathering though men participate as well. A non-violent and democratic people, they prefer to resolve conflicts quickly and often under the authority of the women. Contact with rebel groups operating in the region, decreased hunting populations and other complications have resulted in many Mbuti relocating to refugee camps and Congolese villages, where they experience persecution at the hands of other Congolese peoples. Caption information coming soon.
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