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An iPhone in the DRC

For its first ever Wireless Issue, TIME commissioned photographer Michael Christopher Brown to photograph the mineral mines of the Democratic Republic of Congo with his iPhone.

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National Geographic

Young, Angry & Wired

Armed with cell phones, social media, and sometimes just sheer determination, youth from North Africa to the Middle East are struggling to take ownership of their future. Captured on a cell phone.

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On The African Front

Can General Lindner’s Special Operations Forces Stop the Next Terrorist Threat? The United States Africa Command, known as Africom, was established in 2007 but stepped up its operations..

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As his plane descended into Cairo, photographer Michael Christopher Brown thought of video games. The dense grid of the city’s streets, packed in between the green Nile and arid desert—it looked to him..

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Central African Republic

Wood travelled to CAR in March with photographer Michael Christopher Brown, who documented the the armed forces, militants, and refugees in the capital city, one of the most dangerous places on Earth.

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Jane Goodall Is Still Wild at Heart

Half a century ago, she journeyed into the Tanzanian jungle to change how the world saw chimpanzees. Today the world’s most famous conservationist is on a mission to save their lives.

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I am six hours into my second night at a reggae festival called Rebel Salute. Though dancehall has dominated Jamaican radio for going on three decades, reggae festivals are still held year-round..

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The Deported

Uprooted from his life and family in the United States, a Honduran deportee returns to the country that he tried so hard to escape. Kelvin Villanueva was almost home one night last June when a policeman stopped him..

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War of Images

Pari Dukovic Interview

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Apr. 25, 2016
Photographing War

Libyan Sugar is about the Libyan revolution. Then again, in many ways, it’s not. It’s about being a photographer and bearing witness to life-changing events. It’s about family and the lengths people go to in order to test themselves.

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Aug. 24, 2015
Darkest Moments

Photographer Michael Christopher Brown traveled by car into Libya with a digital camera in his hand and adventure in his heart. He intended to document an uprising, but as it escalated, he wanted — no, needed — to experience armed conflict

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Witness: Libya

There were values I identified with as an American, like freedom and democracy, and there was a sort of mysteriousness about Libya which attracted me, partly because the country was largely closed to the world under the 42-year dictatorship of Gaddafi.

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May. 27, 2015

He became more of a public name by accident. Shortly after arriving in Libya to cover the insurrection which would eventually topple Muammar Gaddafi, Brown dropped his camera. He made do as best he could and reported with his iPhone.

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